Real Estate Closing Letter

Your home is the single most important investment that you will ever make. In most cases, the lender or the buyer of the home will require a Wood Infestation Report (often called a “termite closing letter” or “a termite clearance letter”) or a CL-100. The W.I.R. Report is used toreport the presence or absence of any wood-destroying organisms, or their damage. The inspection for fungi, decay damage, and excessive moisture is limited to those parts of the structure that are below the level of the first main floor. Any termite infestations, other wood destroying insect infestations (such as beetles), and decay fungi conditions must be included in this report.

At Modern Exterminating Company, Inc. we have highly trained commercial and residential inspectors with years of experience dealing with local realtors, and we stand behind each and every W.I.R Report that we issue. Please call us for any real estate inspection that you may need.

CL100 Letter Request Form