4 Pests To Watch Out For During Colder Weather

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The holidays are a time for family and friends to show their love and appreciation for each other. With gift exchanges, holiday parties, and family dinners, the opportunities for good times are had by all. Unfortunately, this is also a great time of year for pests in and around your home to spoil the fun.

Our pest control experts are sharing the top four pests you should keep an eye out for this winter.

What is an overwintering pest?

When we call pests overwintering, we’re referring to their ability to live through the cold winter months. Not all pests survive freezing temperatures. Some succumb to the cold, others hibernate (called diapause for bugs and insects), and others migrate to warmer climates. Overwintering pests may not be cut out to survive the cold, but if they can find a warm shelter that provides them with their basic needs, they can survive to annoy you again and again.

Keep an eye out for these common winter pests:


Spiders like dark places to build their nests or webs. Normally, spiders — like most insects — will hide from humans and stay to themselves, but if you disturb their hiding places, they may try to protect themselves and bite. Storage boxes for holiday decor and Christmas ornaments are the perfect places for these pests to hide out and wait for their next meal. Inspect any boxes as you pull them out of storage to make sure you aren’t transporting pests inside your home.

Rats and Mice

Rodents like rats and mice have different tendencies but can cause similar problems in your home. Both rats and mice can squeeze into smaller areas than you may guess, and gaps or cracks in floorboards, near your plumbing, or in exterior walls can be all the invitation these pests need. Keep the pantry clear and clean of crumbs to prevent these critters from having an easy meal in your home this winter.


Cockroaches are nocturnal and may be hard to spot. Unfortunately, once you do spot one, it may be too late — cockroaches tend to stay hidden until you have a full-blown infestation. Like many pests, cockroaches are drawn to overly moist or humid areas (such as bathrooms) and places with easy access to food (such as the kitchen).


Raccoons are another common guest you may find in your attic this season. Many small rodents seek out shelter from the cold and find it in our homes. Attics and garages are common areas for raccoons to hide out and long branches from overreaching trees can help them gain easy access to your home.

Easy Ways to Keep Pests at Bay this Winter

There are many ways to help keep your home free and clear of unwanted visitors this winter:

  • Mind the gap. Rodents and bugs only need a tiny space to enter your house and make themselves at home. Search for and seal cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, and around plumbing fixtures to lessen the entry point into your home.
  • Watch excess moisture. Humidity and moisture are some of the main conditions that can attract pests into your home. Fix any leaks as soon as you find them and be sure to use bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans while bathing and cooking to prevent excessive humidity.

There are many factors that can entice pests and encourage them to enter your home during the holidays. Even at our most vigilant, rodents, insects, and other pests can go unnoticed in our homes until the problem is too large to handle in a DIY fashion.

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