What Do Bugs Love About Your Home?

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If your home seems to be a haven for bugs, you may find yourself wondering what you did to get so unlucky. Unfortunately, there are usually a few very common reasons you may find pests in all corners of your home.

Top 3 Things That Attract Bugs to Your Home

Bugs have three needs that are easily fulfilled inside our homes: food, water, and shelter. These form the basis of what any living thing needs to survive. Without knowing it, our homes become homes for all kinds of pests. But how can you identify and fix these problem areas?

Excessive Moisture and Humidity

Reducing moisture and humidity in your home is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce the chances that pests will set up shop on your property. Some simple tips to follow:

  • Fix any and all leaks.
  • Use exhaust and ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Check your yard for standing water.
  • Monitor how often you water houseplants.
  • Clean the gutters regularly.

Switching up your habits and completing these extra tasks will go a long way in preventing pests from taking over your home.

Easy Access to Food

Another reason your home may be overrun is simply access to food. Keep pantry shelves clean of crumbs and empty pet food from disposable containers into sealed plastic bins or trashcans for secure storage. It may be beneficial to set up a recurring schedule to clean countertops and vacuum if you have an especially active or chaotic household.

Plentiful Hiding Spots

The final reason pests may hide out in your home is simply that your home provides a great hiding spot. Between the garden, attic, basement, garage, pantry, and closets, there are tons of hiding places where pests can be secluded and hide from predators. Keep an eye on hidden places and seal any and all cracks and crevices into your home to prevent an infestation.

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