Busting Common Pest Control Myths

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So you have pests. If you’re like the thousands of other homeowners who have been or are currently in your predicament, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What now?”

When it comes to pest control methods, everyone likely knows there are two options: professional and DIY pest control. DIY methods may seem like the easier and cheaper option, but are they in reality?

Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Pest Control

There are many kinds of DIY pest control methods available “over the counter.” Two of the most common and widely known are foggers or “bug bombs” and zappers.

Are bug bombs an effective method of pest control?

What they are: A small device or object that releases a fog that is toxic to pests into the air. Bug bombs are designed to kill pests in common areas such as the kitchen or a bathroom.

Do they work? Unfortunately, bug bombs have one major fatal flaw. Since they rely on the chemicals to disperse after being shot into the air, the toxins settle onto countertops and other surfaces. However, pests that are commonly targeted by bug bombs (cockroaches, ants, etc.) don’t hang out on top of counters. They’re more commonly found in hard-to-see hidden areas, such as inside cabinets or underneath appliances and counters. This results in toxic chemicals settling on surfaces that humans and pets have a lot of contact with — but not so much pests.

What’s up with bug zappers?

What they are: A bug zapper is a device that commonly looks like an old-timey lantern with one major change — the electric blue lights buzzing inside. These lights draw in bugs, and then the electric current is supposed to kill them.

But do they work? Short story: Yes and no. While bug zappers do kill bugs, they also lure in more than you may commonly see in your area. They also lure in bugs like moths and flies, but typically mosquitoes aren’t attracted to the light. Zappers also kill many bugs that local birds and other wildlife rely on for food, thereby disrupting local food chains.

The most effective pest control method are the professional ones. You can try your hand at DIY methods, but the chances are high that you’ll end up wasting time and money in the long run. Contact Modern Exterminating Co Inc for professional pest control services today!

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