Termite Protection

Determining which termite control product is best for your home means considering a number of factors. Needless to say, you want a product that works without question and uses the very latest technology available. You also want to be sure that it is formulated with your family and the environment in mind, and that it is applied by experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Finally, you want to know it is manufactured by a company that cares and stands behind its product.

You could spend a great deal of time looking for a termite control product that meets all these criteria. Or, you could look to the one that has already been determined to do so by millions of homeowners just like you: TERMIDOR termiticide/insecticide. It’s Modern’s #1 defense product, and when you choose it, you can rest assured you’ve made the best possible choice for your home. All termite treatments are overseen by a Clemson certified Master Termite Technician.


* termite inspections are always free*

The Sentricon System eliminates termites like no other solution. The termite bait attacks and destroys the entire colony for good, including the queen, the source of the problem. And Sentricon begins working as soon as termites begin to feed on the bait, which can be immediately if active termites are visible and Recruit® AG (above-ground) bait stations are used.

Termites are too big of a threat for hit-or-miss, do-it-yourself attempts to protect your biggest investment. Even Certified Sentricon Specialists are qualified only after receiving specialized training to install and maintain a protective ring of Sentricon® stations around your home. For more than 20 years, the Sentricon System has provided real-world protection for more than 3 million homes. Thanks to its proven colony elimination power, Sentricon provides 24/7/365 peace of mind.

The Sentricon System ends the ability of termites to eat, reproduce and survive. The science behind Sentricon® leaves termites helpless because they cannot tell that the active ingredient is lethal to them. In lab tests where termites had a choice, they ate nearly 10 times more Recruit HD termite bait than wood.

Termite inspections are always free!