3 Conditions that Can Attract Pests


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Living in a pest-free home should be a no-brainer, but if you struggle with pest control problems, you’re not alone. According to Consumer Affairs, up to 74% of homeowners and 69% of renters perform some type of DIY pest control every year!

Why do I have pests if my house is clean?

Many homeowners assume that keeping our homes and property clean will prevent any pests from taking up residence, but the reality isn’t that simple. Pests are attracted to any spaces that provide the three essential needs all creatures have — food, shelter, and water.

1. Water

Plumbing leaks, birdbaths, and even puddles are good sources of water for pests. Basically, anything that can contribute to mold growth can also attract pests.

Inspect your plumbing for leaks under sinks or around exterior plumbing fixtures. Squeeze out kitchen sponges and seal them in plastic bags overnight, and don’t forget to clean your gutters regularly to remove wet clumps of leaves.

2. Food

Crumbs, leftovers left uncovered, pet food left out overnight — if a pest can find a source of food, they’ll set up shop in your home. Clean out your pantry thoroughly and wipe down counters, the stove, and any other areas that can collect crumbs.

If you have pets, seal their food in an airtight container overnight, and don’t leave food sitting out for them to free feed.

3. Shelter

Even the creepiest insects are more scared of us than we are of them. Many insects are attracted to dark areas where they can hide and wait for an opportunity to get their next meal. Keep an eye on these hiding places that pests are likely to be found:

  • Under kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Pantries
  • Garages
  • Mulch beds
  • Attic vents

Check crevices, holes, or cracks throughout your home and seal off as many small entrances as possible to prevent pests from taking up residence and becoming your new roommates.

Custom Solutions For Your Pests

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