Prep Your Home for Fall Weather and Fall Pests


Cooler Weather Is A Signal For Pests

With the leaves falling and the air getting a little chillier, this is the perfect time for pests to seek shelter. What better way to survive the cold outside than a warm home, but you’re not running a bed and breakfast for pests. While pests can try to burrow their way into your home, you can do a lot to prevent your home from becoming a breeding ground for unsightly creatures. Here are some tips to avoid pests taking over your home this fall.

Sealing The Perimeter

Check across your home’s windows and door for any cracks or gaps in the frames. Large cracks can be the perfect entry for many insects and other pests that can burrow past the opening and into your home. With cracks in your window frame or door, try using caulk or weatherstripping to help create tight seals and prevent unwanted guests. Make sure to check all windows like your basement or attic.

Getting Spring Cleaning Done Ahead Of Time

Pests love clutter, so why make them feel welcome? If you notice a lot of clutter and junk in your home spaces, such as your attic or garage, try taking the time to throw stuff out. Having less clutter gives pests less room to hide and makes spotting them easier! Sometimes the mess you have around can be a source of food for some pests, so removing that junk can not incentivize pests to stay in your home.

Yard Cleaning

Try moving any standing water from your yard to avoid creating a water source for pests to use near your home. Keep an eye out for any nests that you can call our professionals to remove. If you have any material around your yard, like firewood or plants, consider moving them to another storage area to avoid pests eating them up. The key is to prevent pests by eliminating any possible sources of food and water they can use near your home.

General Cleaning

Make sure that you clean your counters in your home, make sure no food and water are just lying around, and throw out your garbage. The less of a mess your home is, the lower the chance of finding a pest. You can also help eliminate pests by investing in a dehumidifier to avoid excess moisture build-up across your home.

From all of us at Modern Exterminating Co Inc, we know how fun it is to get cozy in the fall weather, but pests can put a damper on that relaxation time. Give us a call at (803) 205-2744, and we can help keep your home pest-free this fall!

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